Sponsor your relatives


Introduce T-Herbals to your family, friends, relatives and enjoy a discount purchase on our site!

We found that the success of our brand and our website is mainly due to "word-of-mouth."

You, our customers, are our unique commercials! Thank you for your trust and your loyalty.


1. Principle

For each referral that you have indicated and will have placed an order on

our site, you will receive € 5 voucher for each referral on account of a

40 Euros or more. You can sponsor any number of referrals.


2. In practice

Enter below the email address of the person you want to sponsor.

When the relative (s) will placed an order on our website, your account

will automatically be credited with a purchase of € 5 per sponsorship. (50 points).


3. Conditions

This sponsorship offered is not valid for a sponsor and a godson of the same name and living at the same address.

The discounts of € 5 can not be combined on the same order.


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