(Gynostemma pentaphyllum)


Our organically grown Jiaogulan tea is of the highest quality and is a healthy and refreshing beverage with a sweet taste.

the Jiaogulan tea is also grown in the highlands of Northern Thailand in a 100% organic way.

No caffeine, sugar, stevia, artificial flowering,

fragrances, colouring, preservatives, chemicals, pesticides are added.

Our Jiaogulan tea is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of Thailand and has the GMP certificate (Good Manufacturing Product).


The scientific name for Jiaogulan is Gynostemma Pentaphyllum. It is a member of the cucumber family and the five-leaf mountain herb is known as Immortality Tea by the Chinese for centuries already.

The Jiaogulan herb is a geat antioxidant which has been vastly researched in China, USA, Japan and Thailand. In these Asian countries the tea is widely used as a daily ‘balancing’ beverage because of its adaptogenic qualities. Adaptogenes help regulate certain body functions in case of excess or deficiency.

Jiaogulan is also called the Ginseng from the South. Scientific researches have shown the saponines (the active component in Ginseng) are also found in Jiaogulan. The saponines in Jiaogulan are very similar to those in Ginseng.


Health benefits of Jiaogulan Tea. May help to:

• Regulate the cholesterol

• Maintain a healthy blood pressure

• Beneficial effects on the circulatory system and the heart

• provide a healthy digestion

• Boost energy levels and endurance

• Support the immune system

• Promote a natural healthy sleep

• Support the cleansing of the liver, in case of hepatitis.

• Finally it can support in case of cancer treatments.


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