You run a blog, a Facebook page, a site dedicated to organic natural herbs and supplements?

Join our affiliate network so you can receive 15% commission on the sales made via your websites.

You need first to open a customer account on our website (this does not commit you to anything and you won't receive any advertising via email).
Once it is done, send us a mail to tell us about your interest in the affiliation program, with the url of your website or blog and some details about your activities.

After reviewing your request, we will generate a key number into your account (in "my profile") which will enable you to have access to our banners and their HTML code.
You'll just need to select the code of the banner you chose and insert it on the code of your website. (copy and paste the code).

The payment of the commissions will be done every 5 of the month, once you have reached the amount of 50 Euros.


Do not hesitate to contact us for more information