In few words...

T-Herbals started his story in 2001 : 2 friends met, Cory Croymans from Belgium and living in Thailand for more than 30 years, and Christine Olivarès who was visiting Thailand.

Both are very interested in natural holistic therapies, or "how to take care of oneself in a natural way". How to reconnect to what we are and have? (herbs, nature, energy).

Cory and Christine practice Asian Bio Energetic, technique similar to Traditional Chinese Medicine, and wish to share their interests.


Why what we do and offer is so different and unique?

For more than 13 years already we offer an exclusive selection of organic tea and herbs of a premium quality.

We grow our tea and herbs in the beautiful highlands of Northern Thailand where there is hardly any industry. This area is also known for its very fertile soil, fresh air and clear water, which ensures that the herbs and tea are of the best quality. All our herbs and teas are harvested at maturity, at the peak of their effectiveness, which gives more nutrition and taste to all the herbs and teas.

Our tea and herbs are grown and harvested in an organic way: we don’t use chemicals, pesticides, colorants, no sugar. We do use a specific compost as a fertilizer, which is 100% organic.

 When you buy our tea and herbs you are also supporting the local farmers and villagers, who take a big part in the growing and harvesting process.


The keys to our success and motivation:

  • All our herbs are harvested at maturity, at the peak of their effectiveness at very specific times of the year.
  • We work with and support the hill tribes and farmers.
  •  We use a specific compost as a fertilizer, 100 % organic.
  • Guaranteed without chemicals, pesticides, nor colorant.
  • We support charity activities in the Northern Thailand.
  • Our packagings are recyclable

  • By choosing our products, you are an active direct participant in supporting the farmers and these charities.

    We work in the North of Thailand with a fondation in Chiangmai, the New Life Foundation, under the patronage of H.R.H. the princess mother. This foundation has been supporting people with a physical or mental handicaps more than 50 years.

    Every week, we give volunteer treatments to the villagers belonging to the New Life Foundations and in a cancer hostel.

    We started 10 years ago to work with 3 natural products :

    - Jiaogulan herbal tea, that villagers grow here with great pleasure,

    - Spirulina and

    - Mulberry tea

    Our products are available for wholesale. Please contact us for more information.




  • 1 -  Trisapawakarn Complex, Chiangdao District, Chiangmai provinceThere are a total of 548 persons.
    Of these,87 have recovered from Leprosy and they live with their children.
  • 146 members have healthy children of those that were previously infected with Leprosy. Most family members

    work on the land. They have a cooperative store where their agricultural produce is sold directly.


  • 2 -  The New Life Complex Village, Lee District, Lampoon Province.
  • There are 468 persons. Of these, 61 have recovered from Leprosy and live with their children. 156members have healthy children of those that were formerly infected with Leprosy. Most members work the land and there is an

    agricultural cooperative store. The New Life Foundation also supports the Kog chang village complex which is

    nearby our village in Lee district.


  • 3 -  Halfway Home in Hangdong, Chiangmai
  • These facilities can accommodate 80 persons who were formerly treated at the Suanprung Psychiatric Hospital in

    Chiangmai and have recovered from Mental Disorders. They live here temporarily to be rehabilitated, to learn

    agricultural practices and how to re-integrate themselves in their families and society. Normally, a group of 30

    members will take turns to live in this village on a regular basis.

    Those patients that have no family are allowed to stay at this complex permanently.


  • 4 -  Scholarship Fund for the children of all members.
  • The New Life Foundation is now also taking care of the second and third generation of these villagers and provides scholarships to give these kids a better chance in life.

    This project was started in 2001 with a Charity Concert at Payap University.

    To ensure the continuity of this commitment, we only use the interest of this fund. In 2002, we were able to

    distribute our first two scholarship for secondary education.


    There are two Senior Homes which can accommodate 60 people each, for those members who have recovered from Leprosy but who

    are crippled or old and have no relatives, can stay together.

    - Somdejyah Building, New Life Complex, Lee District, Lampoon Province.

    - Somdejying Building, Trisapawakarm Complex, Chiangdao, Chiangmai Province.

    The Foundation gives them a monthly allowance and some rice which they have to cook themselves. Some officers are

    available to help them if needed. Healthcare is available when they are sick.

    Rehabilitating exercises are provided by officers from the Leprosy Center, Region 10 in Lampang.

    Initially, HRH The Princess Mother donated a sum of 200,000 Baht for the construction while the rest was donated by the general public.